Technical and Physical specification of Composite wall



Once Columns and foundation for construction is ready, C- channels are inserted within the columns through nut and screw fitting arrangement and then composite wall of desirable length and width is placed in between the C-channels and hence a wall is erected within no time that too in a very simple and easy process.

Property Value      
Size 3740mm x 1220mm
Thickness 75mm
Standard Weight 52 to 80 kg
Edge Profile Square
Apparent Density -
Tensile Strength -
Load test (Axial Compressive Strength) No-brakage upto 6015 Kg force
Sound Transmission Class Complied
Fire Resistance Properties Complied
Moisture Resistance Properties Complied


1. Easy to use
2. Easy to handle it can be handled by 2-4 persons
3. Can be staked vertically, no harm when in contact with land and water.
4. Easy to storage requirements as they can be kept in open air.
5. Easy to Transport
6. Time and money Saving process
7. Facilitates Rapid Construction
8. Reduces load on construction
9. Smooth surface finish to the walls
10. Aesthetic and durable
11. Very flexible

Technical Advantages

1. It is Asbestos free due to which is user friendly and also environment friendly.
2. Its fire resistant
3. Its moisture resistant
4. Its weather resistant
5. Its Impact resistant