1. Internal walls - Residential / Commercial / Industrial
2. Composite homes -- Internal / External walls

Handling and Storage Process:

1. Easy to handle it can be handled by 2 to 4 persons
2. Can be staked vertically . No harm when in contact with land and water.
3. Easy storage requirements as they Can be kept in open air

Various functions and applications of composite homes and immediate use walls and roofs.
Some of these are:
1. Schools
2. Site offices
3. Resorts and Villas
4. Corporate offices
5. Storage sheds
6. Camps
7. Guard cabins

This ready to use walls that can be used immediately are sandwich composite material panels which are very light in weight.

These Sandwich composite material panels are made up of Cement, Galvanised metal and Compressed PUF in liquid form.

Firstly Cement sheets of width 50-150 mm width are used for composite deposition of materials in sandwich pattern. A single galvanised metal sheet of width 0.6-1mm is inserted in the centre to the two cement sheets and the space of the metal sheet and cement sheets is filled with PU foam is liquid form is filled through the help of a press machine. The compressed liquid solidifies within 6-8 seconds and hence provides a tough and rigid support to the composite material layers. For a Composite wall of 9’x4’ wall 18 kg of PUF in compressed liquid form is required which solidifies when exposed to atmosphere.